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Episode 98

Episode 98

9th January 2023

The new show brings you news of Toots replacement! The Maytals are keeping it in the family you may be happy to hear. We take a look into the top reggae singers in Rolling Stone’s 200 best singers of all time and sadly it’s time to say farewell to Jo Mersa Marley too.

Show Tracklist

  • 1Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - I'm So Sorry
  • 2Torch - Do Some Good Today
  • 3Toots & The Maytals - Time Tough
  • 4G-Men - King Suggs
  • 5Danladi Rock - Confuse (Ft. Burning Spear)
  • 6Zoe Mazah - Rock Steady
  • 7Luciano - Sweep Over My Soul
  • 8Luciano - For I
  • 9Wicked and Bonny - Salvation Calling (Ft. Berise)
  • 10The Upsetters - The Result
  • 11Jo Mersa Marley - Hurting Inside
  • 12Jeramiah Ferrari - Movin' On
  • 13Jeramiah Ferrari - King For A Day
  • 14Ras Kronik - Wild n Free
Suggested Albums!

A couple of suggestions as to albums you should be listening to and maybe even buy!

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