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Episode 89

Episode 89

31st October 2022

In the new show you’ll find reggae queen Etana suing her record label, there are concerns for the Grammys, a Manchester ska/punk band is the double up artist and you’ll hear music from the new Yoha and The Dragon Tribe album.

Show Tracklist

  • 1Isiah Shaka - Africa Revolution
  • 2Colah Colah - Power Of Music (Ft. Andrew Tosh)
  • 3Crazy Baldhead - Save A Bullet
  • 4Etana - I Am Strong
  • 5Solrise - Take Time (Ft. Perfect Giddimani & Sam Gilly)
  • 6Sonic Boom Six - No Man, No Right
  • 7Sonic Boom Six - Totally Addicted To Bass
  • 8Prince Kush - Killing Hafi Stop Dub
  • 9Carlton and the Shoes - Love Me Forever
  • 10Dre Island - All Night (Ft. Carlio & Zimi)
  • 11Yoha and The Dragon Tribe - The Wind Of Change
  • 12Yoha and The Dragon Tribe - Without Knowing Where I Go
  • 13The Aquabats - Super Rad!
  • 14No Doubt - Sunday Morning
Suggested Albums!

A couple of suggestions as to albums you should be listening to and maybe even buy!

P.S. I don't earn anything from this. Just being helpful.

Yoha and the dragon tribe alum release - 11th Nov!