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Episode 88

Episode 88

24th October 2022

In this show you'll learn of a tribute album to Bob Andy (and a tune from Bitty McLean!), music from a not quite reggae band who wants you to be a diva (Champagne Dreads), 90's ska punk from two influential people who left the band almost immediately (Dance Hall Crashers) and we say farewell to Sycure Gyan’I and condolences to his family. Definitely check out more of his music after the show.

Show Tracklist

  • 1Kash'd Out & Pepper - Dirty Mind
  • 2Mike Pinto - The Garden
  • 3Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Sammy Dead
  • 4Bitty McLean - Let Them Say
  • 5Diverse Official - Boomsation
  • 6Champagne Dreads - All About Me
  • 7Junior Kelly - Love So Nice
  • 8Dance Hall Crashers - Lost Again
  • 9Dance Hall Crashers - My Problem
  • 10Boostive - Another Day (Ft. Davina Jasso)
  • 11Bobby Aitken - Rukumbine
  • 12Sycure Gyan'I - Too Much
  • 13Mykal Rose - Dance Ska
  • 14Mykal Rose - By The River
  • 15The Sub Herbs - Covered In Sand
  • 16Eek-A-Mouse - Dyer Maker
Suggested Albums!

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