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Episode 86

Episode 86

3rd October 2022

In this show we have reggae from Led Zepplin, a song with a music video made exclusively in a computer game with Half Past Two … the double up artist is a band formed in California but originally from Hawaii (Iration) and did you know that Buddhism and ska music can help a recovery from a heart attack? Buck-O-Nine may be able to tell us more.

Show Tracklist

  • 1Dub Fx, Cade, Woodnote - Fresh
  • 2Dub Town Rockers - Oh So good (Ft. The Aggrolites)
  • 3The Steady 45s - Swing and Sway
  • 4Half Past Two - Curtain Call
  • 5Mr Woodwicker - Babylon System (Ft. Horace Andy)
  • 6Led Zepplin - D'yer Mak'er
  • 7Iration - Time Bomb
  • 8Iration - Reelin
  • 9The Pepper Pots - I'm In Love
  • 10The Slackers - New York Berlin
  • 11Buck-O-Nine - Round Kid (Live at Earthling)
  • 12Shwayze - Unforgettable
  • 13Protoje - Hills
  • 14Protoje - Family (Ft. Jesse Royal)
  • 15Ziggy Marley - Sunshine
  • 16The Kubricks - Resistance
Suggested Albums!

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