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Episode 81

Episode 81

29th August 2022

Another packed show, with good news of new releases from the Dualers, Dajla and Surfer Girl who is also the double up artist, burning spear as the selectors choice too … but not so good news of cancelled tours and the loss of a reggae great.

Show Tracklist

  • 1The Dualers - Hole In My Pocket
  • 2DENM, Landon McNamara - Wild Trip
  • 3Israel Vibration - Natty Dread
  • 4Dajla - Pas A Pas
  • 5Aiesha - Burning House
  • 6MikkiM - Bidlibam Skank (Ft. MC Turner, Earl 16)
  • 7Surfer Girl - Doghouse (Ft. Shwayze)
  • 8Surfer Girl - Bag Of Bones
  • 9Flying Raccoon Suit - Tell Another One
  • 10Raging Fyah - Raging Fyah (Dub Style)
  • 11Black Uhuru - Youth Of Eglington
  • 12Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey
  • 13Burning Spear - Tradition
  • 14John Holt - Stick By Me
  • 15Bitty McLean - It Keeps Raining (Tears From My Eyes)
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