Episode 61

Episode 61

15th November 2021

Honestly ... I could have sworn Suggs had got together with the rest of madness and done some new tunes. That was until I realised that a Swede called Mike was just a big fan. The tunes are brilliant and the influence is clear!

Not just that can be expected in the new show ... we say farewell to another reggae legend, it seems to be happening a lot which is rather upsetting. Speaking about upsetting, when my mum passed a particular bands album got me through it ... they are the double play!

The suggested album was lost along with the rest of my collection, which in turn sparked Offbeat Reggae Radio! So pleased to have found The Hippos again!

Show Tracklist

  • 1L'Entourloop - Le Sem
  • 2Vybroc - Be Wise
  • 3Dave and Ansel Collins - Monkey Spanner
  • 4Kaiz - Go Easy
  • 5Captain Accident - Not The End Of The World
  • 6Royal Dub - Take Time
  • 7Wicked Dub Division and The North East Ska Jazz Orchestra - Beating Heart
  • 8Groundation - Jah Jah Know
  • 9Groundation - Good Over Evil (Ft. Collie Buddz)
  • 10Bloodline - Second Chance
  • 11Skatalites - Latin Goes Ska
  • 12JahfarI.I - Jupiter
  • 13UB40 - Red Red Wine
  • 14The Weapons - Fire (Ft. Ranking Joe)
  • 15Ras Teo & Sizzla - Hands Up For Africa
  • 16The Loving Paupers - Don't Care
  • 17G-Men - The Driver
  • 18G-Men - Debbie Harry
  • 19Madness - My Girl
  • 20311 - I'll Be Here A While
  • 21Black Uhuru - Jamaica To Here (Ft. Andrew Bees, Dylans Dharma, & King Hopeton)
  • 22Meta and the Cornerstones - Concrete Jungle
  • 23Lion D & Bizzari - General
  • 24The Hippos - Always Something To Remind Me
  • 25The Hippos - Lost It
  • 26Lutan Fyah - Rub A Dub Style
  • 27John Holt - If I Were A Carpenter
Suggested Albums!

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