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Episode 54

Episode 54

9th August 2021

The lovely Rosh Rebel took some time to chat to me about her career and the new song she has to push "Run Come".

You may remember Irie Fire from a past show. They are back and they have a new EP to promote called "Set Sail". I think you should buy it so have a listen and decide for yourself!

Named Gramps from birth (you'll find out why in the show) ... Gramps Morgan is the double play artist as we experience reggae with as country feel! It works. Honest 🙂

Show Tracklist

  • 1Dubsty, Luciano & Mikey General - Redemption
  • 2One Night Band - Keep A Cool Head
  • 3Freddie McGregor - Bobby Babylon
  • 4Stinging Ray - Jailhouse Skankin (Dub Skankin)
  • 5Prince Jazzbo - School
  • 6Dani Radic & The Slackers - Let Me Be
  • 7Hepcat - Push 'n Shove
  • 8Gramps Morgan - If You're Looking For Me
  • 9Gramps Morgan - Positive Vibration
  • 10The Skatalites - Addis Ababa
  • 11Noah Landale - The Rising
  • 12The Launchers - Dutty Mouth
  • 13King Kong 4 - Lesson Learned
  • 14Iya Terra - Take Control (Ft. Alborosie & Bobby Lee)
  • 15Bucky Jo - Sweet Reggae Music
  • 16Sattalites - Gimme Some Kinda Sign
  • 17Leonard Howell - Mother Mama Africa
  • 18Yaardcore, Jah 9, Subatomic Sound System - Police In Helecopter
  • 19Kitma - Runnin'
  • 20Rosh Rebel - Lockdown With Me
  • 21Rosh Rebel - Run Come
  • 22Kali Grn - Be Thankful
  • 23Tillbop - What's Going On
  • 24Barbara Jones - Slim Boy
  • 25Irie Fire - Island Skanking
  • 26Irie Fire - Sha La La La
  • 27Eastern Standard Time - Sugar Shack
  • 28Don Drummond & The Skatalites - Heavenless
Suggested Albums!

A couple of suggestions as to albums you should be listening to and maybe even buy!

P.S. I don't earn anything from this. Just being helpful.

Irie Fire! Awaiting Digital release!