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Episode 44

Episode 44

8th March 2021

A lovely selection of tunes awaits you. The featured album was a new find for me. If you haven’t heard of New Kingston you are in for a treat. Offbeat Intros gives an insight into the Band - “Niceness” - as I managed to get the front woman and singer Koral to have a chat with me.

The double play is a treat from a 9 piece energetic UK band who are a favourite at festivals.

Dive in!

Show Tracklist

  • 1Sis Nya - You Call It Pressure
  • 2Stephen Marley - Tight Ship (Ft. Damian Marley)
  • 3Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape The Judgement
  • 4Mr Kingpin - Think Again
  • 5Tairo - Bob Vieux Temps (Ft. Chucky Star)
  • 6Gentleman's Dub Club - See You Next Tuesday
  • 7Gentleman's Dub Club - Night Shift
  • 8Khalia - No Better Day
  • 9Jon Cells - Chemical Reaction Remix
  • 10The Step Beats - Sex and Candy
  • 11Niceness - What A Day
  • 12Niceness - Story Of A Girl
  • 13Nattali Rize - Fear & Dread
  • 14Bertie B - Sunshine (Ft. Mr Boom)
  • 15Jeramiah Ferrari - Cosmic Rays
  • 16John Cereal - What Dem Ago Do
  • 17RX Bandits - Gun In Your Hand
  • 18New Kingston - Come From Far
  • 19New Kingston - Kingston Fyah Dub
  • 19Mad Caddies - Little Town
Suggested Albums!

A couple of suggestions as to albums you should be listening to and maybe even buy!

P.S. I don't earn anything from this. Just being helpful.