Episode 42

Episode 42

8th February 2021

This might win you a pub quiz … who were the first ska band in Chile? Santiago Rebelde appear as the double play with some frankly nuts ska music.

Andy chats to a Californian band that mixes reggae, ska, hip hop and more into their music. The new album is ace and you need to listen to it!

Lots more besides with music ranging from the 60s to the present day!

Show Tracklist

  • 1The Movement - Mountain (Ft. Clinton Fearon)
  • 2Papa Juggy - Worry
  • 3The Rulers - Copacetic
  • 4Dub Pistols - Wicked and Wild (Ft. Natty Campbell)
  • 5Michael Garrick - Fussin and Fightin
  • 6Santiago Rebelde - Rude Girl
  • 7Santiago Rebelde - Skanero
  • 8Bella Blair - Gimme A Light
  • 9King Tubby - Keep On Dubbing (Ft. Augustus Pablo)
  • 10Khalia - Free
  • 11Burnt - Home
  • 12Burnt - Ablaze (Ft. Karmac Basis)
  • 13Perro Bravo - 4 On The Floor
  • 14Junior Kelly - Power To The People
  • 15Lloyd and Claudette - Queen Of The World
  • 16The Jamaicans - Baba Boom
  • 17Scrap Yard Aces - Mota
  • 18Zebulun De Counselor - Blessings
  • 19Zebulun De Counselor - Parising Jah
  • 20The Deacons - Hungry Man
  • 21Spunge - Idols
Suggested Albums!

A couple of suggestions as to albums you should be listening to and maybe even buy!

P.S. I don't earn anything from this. Just being helpful.