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Episode 37

Episode 37

30th November 2020

After a drought of interviews we are back with a great and insightful chat with Justin from surf rock reggae band - Cali Conscious.

I have a few golden oldies bringing rocksteady and reggae vibes plus a few new ones too, including the exclusive heads up of the Skapones new track!

Thanks to a showbiz friend being tagged in a post with the double play artist I found new (to me) UK Ska which was a result! Also the featured album brings music that you NEED in your collection. Arkaingelle (yes I spelt that correctly) has a new album and we preview two tracks!

Show Tracklist

  • 1King Tubby - Take Five
  • 2Bunny Lye Lye & Josey Wales - Love Me Girl
  • 3Atomic Spliff - Good Vibes
  • 4AKA The Syndicate - Hands Up (Who's Coming With Me) Ft. Roddy Radiation Byers
  • 5Horace Andy - Straight Ro Hell
  • 6Alpheus - Hooray
  • 7Alpheus - Rudies
  • 8Arky Starch - Original Kings
  • 9Cali Concious - Enjoy The Sunshine
  • 10Cali Concious - Avacado
  • 11Steel Pulse - Stepping Out (Live in Paris)
  • 12The Skapones - Rude Boy Rude Girl
  • 13Brother Culture - Catchy
  • 14Jahcoustix - Crossroads (Ft. Gentleman)
  • 15Arkaingelle - Nah Watah Down
  • 16Arkaingelle - Guh Suh
  • 17The Kingstonians - Come We Go Moonwalk
  • 18Ziggy Marley - Everywhere You Go (Ft. Sheryl Crow)
Suggested Albums!

A couple of suggestions as to albums you should be listening to and maybe even buy!

P.S. I don't earn anything from this. Just being helpful.