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Episode 35

Episode 35

2nd November 2020

All Interviews fell through so there's more music! Double play from Common Kings as I fall across a video on Facebook. A French chap searched America and Jamaica for Reggae inspiration, did he manage it? I take a look into a couple of his tunes! Also the suggested album, well ... EP ... is from Mr Prefect himself! Called "Dumplin Shop" it's worth your hard earned money and I tell you why!

Show Tracklist

  • 1Pulp Fusion - The Beat Inside My Soul (DJ Maars Remix)
  • 2Big Mountain - Touch My Light (Ft. Quino and Rasun)
  • 3Lenny Banton - Where It Gone Now
  • 4Lopaka Rootz - Blue Clear Sky
  • 5Lloyd Charmers - Lost Without You
  • 6Common Kings - Queen Majesty (Ft. Sammy Johnson & The Green)
  • 7Common Kings - Cali Girl (Ft. Don Corleon)
  • 8Ajafyah - Hardcore Juggling
  • 9Bumpin Uglies - Island Time
  • 10JR Blessington and Milton Blake - Serious Place
  • 11Papa Michigan - Diseases
  • 12By The Rivers - Rocksteady
  • 13Ansel Collins & Riley's All Stars - Concrete Rock
  • 14Bazil - Sweet So
  • 15Bazil - Girl From The Ghetto (Remix)
  • 16Stranger Cole, Patsy Todd & The Fugatives - Down The Train Line
  • 17Chinatown Ska - My Little Girl (Ft. Ignacio Rosello, Dalton Browne & Trevor Sparrow Thompson)
  • 18Skaledonia - Shang A Lang
  • 19Beatroots - Better Think Twice
  • 20Perfect Giddimani - Fry Plantin
  • 21Perfect Giddimani - Soul Of Creation (Ft. Omar Perry)
  • 22Cathy Matete - Tea Cup
  • 23Hopeton Lewis - The Mighty Quinn
Suggested Albums!

A couple of suggestions as to albums you should be listening to and maybe even buy!

P.S. I don't earn anything from this. Just being helpful.