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Episode 29

Episode 29

27th July 2020

A six piece band from Kingston just won't be pigeon holed into a musical genre, they can be considered the double play for this week as we delve into two of their tracks!

Andy was privileged and blessed to be able to speak to Scratchylus about his career and musical passion, he got introduced to Kiddus I too which was a treat.

Expect a great mix of tunes from The Rudies, Rag and Bone Man (Shy FX Remix) and Koffee to The Skints, Iration and The Mighty Diamonds.

Show Tracklist

  • 1Freddie Notes & The Rudies - Montego Bay
  • 2Skarra Mucci - Not Impossible To Me
  • 3Rag and Bone Man - As You Are (Shy FX Remix)
  • 4Anothony B & Stevie Face - One Prayer A Day
  • 5Yaki Raw - Slow
  • 6Rootz Underground - Farming (Album Version)
  • 7Rootz Underground - Return Or The Righteous
  • 8Koffee - Lockdown
  • 9The Orb - Say Cheese (Siberian Cookie Mix)
  • 10Scratchylus - Rebel (Ft. Barry Ford)
  • 11Kiddus I - Graduation In Zion
  • 12Scratchylus - Sweet Child, Precious Child (Ft. Empress Reggae)
  • 13Ethiopian & His All Stars - Straight On Rastafari
  • 14Half Past Two - I Will
  • 15The Skints - Where Did You Go (Live At Electric Brixton)
  • 16Smudge All Stars - Our Lives
  • 17Iration - Coastin'
  • 18Iration - Daylight Saving
  • 19Mighty Diamonds - Nutt'n Naw Gwaan
  • 20DJ Astro Black - Str8 & Plain (Ft. MPress Kandace)
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