Episode 27

Episode 27

29th June 2020

Unintentionally I have included some brilliant tracks from UK based bands! Look forward to what is at least, for me, homegrown talent!

Along with that, I look into KPop and the offbeat rhythm, play some unsigned talent AND chat to Rebecca who is the lead singer of Munay Ki Dub! She rang me from Argentina for a chat about their current EP and future planned releases!

Show Tracklist

  • 1Harlem Spirit - Dem A Sus
  • 2Chopstick Dubplate - Gate Man Dub (Ft. Supercat)
  • 3Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping
  • 4Ego and the Appropriators - Next To Me
  • 5Dr Ring Ding - Polish Vodka (Question? Riddim)
  • 6Khalia - Love Is Real
  • 7Young Culture Band - I Love The Way
  • 8Young Culture Band - Possibilities
  • 9Ras Zacharri - Put Down Di Guns
  • 10Danny Rebel & The KGB - St Henri Wall
  • 11Munay Ki Dub - The Dub Sound
  • 12The Abysinnians - Love Comes and Goes
  • 13Munay Ki Dub - Bad Babylon
  • 14Perfect Giddimani - Hand Cart Bwoy
  • 15Glen Washington - Turn Me On
  • 16Kingston Express - Block Dem (Ft Macka B)
  • 17Kingston Express - Blam Blam (Ft Cheshire Cat)
  • 18Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely
  • 19Hepcat - Tommy's Song
Suggested Albums!

A couple of suggestions as to albums you should be listening to and maybe even buy!

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