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Episode 78

8th August 2022

Lila Iké appears as we double up on her music, Natty King has a new album out you need to know about and what are your thought on cultural appropriation? Would you stop a gig because of feeling uncomfortable? Swiss band Lauwarm had to! It's in discussion in this very show.

Episode 77

1st August 2022

A new hour show awaits you as we learn all about island vibes from … Vermont!? … with Mihali. A new album … country does reggae has peaked Andy’s interest due to the fact it’s got a reggae cover of Dolly Parton! Also, what happens when you add an orchestra to some of the best Bob Marley songs?

Episode 76

13th June 2022

This show brings island vibes from Guam as Hale appears in Offbeat Intros. Havana meets Kingston is the suggested album from Mista Savona and the double play features Brighton based UK Reggae band - The Resonators.

Episode 75

30th May 2022

Sean Paul has got together with Gwen Stefani for a new track, free tunes are on offer as a download and I’m in conversation with Zach from Sun Dried Vibes. A US east coast rock reggae band with a new tune out … exclusive first play on this here radio show! Also a London based lady of laid back tunes is the double play.

Episode 74

16th May 2022

State Of Satta are a dub fusion band from Leeds, they are touring promoting their new EP and I’m chatting to them in offbeat intros … you’ll also hear from the recent Juno award Winner for best reggae recording in the suggested purchase AND the double play includes a band on the ska/reggae cusp of the 60s!

Episode 73

2nd May 2022

In the show, The double play brings Protoje’s protégé! Two tracks and info on Sevana! You’ll also hear Harrison Stafford from the band Groundation, in conversation we talk about the new album out which includes reggae legends who haven’t recorded for years.

Episode 72

18th April 2022

In the show, Arky Starch has a new album out at the end of April, I offer an exclusive listen to two tracks as you get a sneek peek before purchase!

Los Angeles brings a double play ska band that’s been going since 2011 (The Interrupters) AND record store day brings Jamaican reggae sound system mcs to vinyl for the first time!

Episode 71

4th April 2022

In this show, the double play track from Barrington Levy is motivated by a brilliant film I watched, Chainska Brassika have a new album out which I think you need to have in your collection AND we say farewell to two members of the band The Mighty Diamonds as we lose them 4 days apart! Sad news as I play tribute and remember an influential band in Reggae history.

Episode 70

21st March 2022

Unintentionally this show is all about the ladies. Should have engineered it for the episode before as it was closer to International Women's Day but ... nevermind!

Expect tracks from Nattali Rize, Spice, Koffee and Queen Ifrica ... just a small portion of the female artists included in this show.

I chat to Salma Queen in the second hour as Offbeat Intros talks activism as she’s busy making things right over in Kenya. We talk music too though and play a few of her tunes.

Episode 69

7th March 2022

Gregory G Ras appears in Offbeat Intros. He chats about his new album, "Book Of Noah", fills us in as to his rasta way of life AND shares his influences with us who also happen to be "family".

In the double play you will find out more about the 60s and 70s rocksteady and ska legend that is Derrick Morgan and the suggested album brings new music from Giallo Man!

If you listen carefully you may even hear a reggae version by Inokasira Rangers with Keiichi Sokabe of a rather famous dance track. The question is ... did it need to be done?

Episode 68

21st February 2022

In this show ... If I said the lyric … pass the dutchie … do you actually know what that means? You’ll find out as I play the suggested album … you’ll also hear from an amazing Jamaican trombonist in the double play PLUS Robin Tricker brings her Ukulele and happy vibes in for a chat.

Episode 67

7th February 2022

This show starts with ska punk and ends with it too! Upbeat is how I like to start and finish my day 🙂

In between you'll find the usual (of course) as we play the FINEST Reggae Rocksteady, Roots Dub and Ska!

No interview in this show so we have 32 songs jammed into the two hours. The double play brings a Caribbean legend, the suggested album is from a UK Reggae Band that have been going for YEARS and if you listen closely you may hear Pokémon. Yep you read that correctly.

Episode 66

24th January 2022

Back to normal! Now that the Grammy and "Best Of" shows are done for the start of the year we can focus on all of the new releases that have dropped in December and January. Well ... the ones that caught my attention anyway!

Dennis Brown would have been 65 in Feb which is a good enough excuse for me to add him as a Double Play featured artist.

The new album from Teacha Dee is a treat PLUS Ragga Yves has such an interesting story I throw the normal format out of the window for Offbeat Intros.

Episode 65

10th January 2022

As with last year ... I am taking a listen to all of the nominees for Best Reggae Albums in the 64th Grammy Awards.

Annoyingly it doesn't fall on episode 64 of the show but I'll cope.

You hear tracks from Etana, Gramps Morgan, Sean Paul, Jesse Royal, SOJA, Spice and then past nominees since 1985 finishing off the show!

If you are interested in the albums in the running for best reggae album ... you need to listen!

Episode 64

27th December 2021

Taking you over 2021 and into 2022 Andy looks at the featured artists of the past year. If they were a double play or on Offbeat Intros … they’re going to be in this show!

Remembering those we lost and appreciating those that continue to give us amazing music … the 2021 Roundup awaits you!

Episode 63

13th December 2021

What’s going on!? We say farewell to two reggae legends in this show AND speak about an amazing musical outfit disbanding!! Before it’s too late I’ve made them the double play!

We head to Indonesia for the suggested purchase and I chat to Savvas, top man at dubophonic records to ask what he thinks we should be listening to.

Episode 62

29th November 2021

Andy introduces Mchere Ankhem as we have a call between the UK and South East Africa! He's topped the charts in Malawi and wants to share his message with the world.

The featured artist shares her time between the island of Hawaii and Los Angeles (hard life eh?) and brings some laid back and lovely reggae / neo soul tracks.

If you are looking for a xmas purchase for a reggae / dub loving friend ... I've got just the thing as The Objectors have come out of a 10 year hiatus to drop a new EP!

Episode 61

15th November 2021

Honestly ... I could have sworn Suggs had got together with the rest of madness and done some new tunes. That was until I realised that a Swede called Mike was just a big fan. The tunes are brilliant and the influence is clear!

Not just that can be expected in the new show ... we say farewell to another reggae legend, it seems to be happening a lot which is rather upsetting. Speaking about upsetting, when my mum passed a particular bands album got me through it ... they are the double play!

The suggested album was lost along with the rest of my collection, which in turn sparked Offbeat Reggae Radio! So pleased to have found The Hippos again!

Episode 60

1st November 2021

This show brings reggae tracks from the new James Bond film! Andy plays a couple of those along with brand new tunes from all over the world.

The double play has a front woman who not only sings but is an actor too (Bite Me Bambi) and Arky Starch, a reggae and Dub producer from Belgium comes on for a chat.

Reasons to get your credit card out too as Ras Kronik is the suggested album!

Episode 59

18th October 2021

We say farewell to yet another reggae legend as The Beat and the rest of the Ska / Reggae community feel the loss of drummer Everett Morton.

A UK comedian tried his hand at reggae back in the 80s and his backing band may be a surprise too!

Plus ... the suggested album is actually a friend of mine. Been following his music for over 20 years and he's the only person to have two of his albums suggested by the show!

Episode 58

4th October 2021

The next show brings back offbeat intros … I chat to members of the UK reggae and ska collective AKA The Syndicate.

Da Real Storm is the double play artist PLUS MC Eva Lazarus appears on no less than three songs … two of which are on the suggested album.

Episode 57

20th September 2021

This show brings reggae legends from all over the shop.

The double play is from Jamaica, moved to Seattle and spends a lot of time in France! Clinton Fearon is doing solo stuff now but was formally part of the gladiators! We check out two of his tunes in the double play.

The suggested album is ... vinyl ONLY! It seems it's not available via other means ... old school right? I love me a reggae / ska version of a popular tune and the suggested LP doesn't let us down.

Add into that new music from Munay Ki Dub, King Hammond giving his best to Lee Scratch Perry and Mellow Mood ... there's a treat in store!

Episode 56

6th September 2021

Learning about and saying goodbye to Lee Scratch Perry as we play tracks of his and chat about his past. The suggested album is up for grabs as Captain Accident hands me 2 of his new album "Bad Press".

Boston brings this 'ska-core' band who are far from 'clueless' for the double play. Any ideas who it could be?

Of course the FINEST reggae, rocksteady, roots, dub and ska is brought to you too in 2 hours of your new favourite tunes!

Episode 55

23rd August 2021

We take a dive into California beach reggae in this show. You’ll find a suggested album from Sizzla on vinyl no less PLUS I've also discovered my new favourite thing ... ska versions of popular songs.

Episode 54

9th August 2021

The lovely Rosh Rebel took some time to chat to me about her career and the new song she has to push "Run Come".

You may remember Irie Fire from a past show. They are back and they have a new EP to promote called "Set Sail". I think you should buy it so have a listen and decide for yourself!

Named Gramps from birth (you'll find out why in the show) ... Gramps Morgan is the double play artist as we experience reggae with as country feel! It works. Honest 🙂

Episode 53

26th July 2021

This show brings Offbeat intros back … ah yes, the talented musician can only avoid me for so long! Captain Accident appears to tell us some cool stories of stage invasions and a new single dropping!

The double play hails from Kenya and has such an impressive voice that my mate dave had to stop a previous show to find out more about her. Firstly … rude. Secondly … quite the stamp of approval 😊

The music in this show is top notch and comes from all over the globe, Reggae from Sweden and Ska from Korea what else could you ask for?

Episode 52

12th July 2021

Episode 52 brings you Mick Jagger's top ten reggae songs … do we care?

Chris Brown and Sony Music Entertainment are being sued over a reggae tune … but why?

The double play brings new, old sounding music from Holland (it’s ace!) and the suggested album I have been waiting for … for 2 years! Introducing Mr Kingpin has landed and you need to hear it. All that and more when you listen to the show!

Episode 51

28th June 2021

Offbeat Reggae Radio is 2 years old!

This has been a hard week and my back really hurts. I muddled through though and as you will hear ... I had some help from my friends!

Music from friends of the show along with classics and brand new tracks ... so ... same as always right? 🙂 The double play is an insanely talented 20 something and the suggested album unreleased tracks from reggae legends.

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