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Episode 34

19th October 2020

It's been a month off due to the laptop dying but Andy is back with the FINEST rocksteady, roots, dub and ska!

The double play is a Nigerian/Italian artist who recorded at the legendary Tuff Gong Studio. New music from Dandy Livingstone is covered with his new release as the featured album and he shows you the new release from Toots and the Maytals! Just before his passing Toots released a new album and one particular song shows their interpretation of a popular Bob Marley tune!

Add in a lovely chat with the ska and reggae band Stop The Presses and we have a pretty packed show!

Episode 33

21st September 2020

This time I get an education as to what HARD reggae sounds like when you throw in dub and punk at the same time. Dakka Skanks are in conversation with Andy for Offbeat Intros.

You may well know Lincoln Barrington by a different name but he is our double play this week PLUS I let myself loose in the community, socially distanced of course as I went to my local record store.

I’ll be dropping some tracks from the albums I got including Gregory Isaacs, Prince Far I and The Beat.

Episode 32

7th September 2020

This week had me trawling through 60(!) emails of music to narrow down what I think you should be listening to.

Two tracks from a featured artist who has been in the news recently. He's been poorly and the show wishes him well as we accept Toots & The Maytals into the featured artist library.

Jesse from the Wise Bloods talks to Andy in Offbeat Intros and we listen to the new releases from Ed Rome AND Wailing Souls.

Episode 31

24th August 2020

As always I have been busy collating a new playlist for you, chatting to different artists setting up interviews and trawling through emails to seek out music I think you should listen to.

This show features London's Finest Dub & Lover's Rock Heavyweights, that’s the byline to their website as I delve into a sic piece reggae band for the double play.

The Wailers have a new album out… I’ll grab two songs from that to give you an insight and … if you like the chatty bits – I have Tasha T – The Musical Ambassador in conversation plus we play some of her tunes too.

Episode 30

10th August 2020

If I said, "if it weren't for me, Tree House Fire's new album wouldn't exist” … would you believe me? Doubt it was me to be honest BUT I have news about their Isolation Jams in this weeks’ show!

UK Two Tone legends make it into the featured artist pages of the website AND I speak to Mr Kingpin. Based in Dallas, in the USA … he makes music with a distinct old school Jamaican feel.

Episode 29

27th July 2020

A six piece band from Kingston just won't be pigeon holed into a musical genre, they can be considered the double play for this week as we delve into two of their tracks!

Andy was privileged and blessed to be able to speak to Scratchylus about his career and musical passion, he got introduced to Kiddus I too which was a treat.

Expect a great mix of tunes from The Rudies, Rag and Bone Man (Shy FX Remix) and Koffee to The Skints, Iration and The Mighty Diamonds.

Episode 28

13th July 2020

Papa Michigan talks about his 40 year career, influences and more in Offbeat Intros PLUS a double play featured artist that took what he calls as a majestic transition as he turned away from professional basketball to be a reggae musician. Interesting eh?

I delve into Dub and Reggae from SE Asia plus check out the new album from Buju Banton!

Episode 27

29th June 2020

Unintentionally I have included some brilliant tracks from UK based bands! Look forward to what is at least, for me, homegrown talent!

Along with that, I look into KPop and the offbeat rhythm, play some unsigned talent AND chat to Rebecca who is the lead singer of Munay Ki Dub! She rang me from Argentina for a chat about their current EP and future planned releases!

Episode 26

15th June 2020

He's played bass in Bad Manners, The Selecter, alongside Prince Buster AND has won a Grammy for his work on the Lee "Scratch" Perry album - " Jamaican ET".

I don't want to give it all away though! Nick Welsh AKA - King Hammond talks to Andy in Offbeat Intros.

We also feature the German/Persian Reggae and Dancehall artist - Trixstar!

Episode 25

1st June 2020

Reggae Royalty gets played with one of the forming members of The Wailers for the Double play.

Andy talks to Rick and Ben from The Indecision who are a Rocksteady & Ska band from Leeds PLUS ... wanna hear a Pink Floyd tune in a reggae style? If the answer is no .. this isn't the show for you!

Episode 24

18th May 2020

It's all about the reggae ladies this time as the double play shoots us back to the 60s and Offbeat Intros includes Lady Tia, a reggae artist from Miami.

The first track is a bit of fun ... see how many samples you can spot!

Episode 23

4th May 2020

A good friend of mine has a new EP to promote so I got him on to have a chat. You've heard from him before as a previous featured artist. Ed Rome talks about his new EP, "Feel No Pain".

Double play is a really fun Dutch/American reggae/ska/punk rock band and of course I sandwich some brilliant tracks into 90 mins of entertainment just for you!

Episode 22

20th April 2020

This week Andy gets an open invitation to Hawaii, obviously he can’t do it but still. Nice right?

Lopaka Rootz lives on the big island of Hawaii in Kailua Kona. We speak about his rise in popularity and his recent single that is taking Hawaiian radio stations by storm!

We look into a band who are keeping us entertained with their isolation jams AND a band who are helping to raise money for the NHS in this time of need.

We also look to a 5 piece from Tuscany in our double play!

Episode 21

6th April 2020

Andy catches up with Dajla from White Tiger Society in Offbeat Intros. She talks about the collectives musical past and her recent dealings with Steven Marley and The Wailers.

PLUS he introduces a band that started out in the early 90s and are self-proclaimed producers of Jamaican Rock and roll for the double play!

Episode 20

23rd March 2020

The ISOLATION Special! Not really, the show is back and is as upbeat as ever. Some lovely new tracks from reggae legends, dub tracks from new artists and something really special for Star Wars fans. Particularly if you liked the Mandalorian!

Also, Dubistry talk to Andy from Washington DC about their music and a fantastic dub version of a Joni Mitchell track!

Episode 19

9th March 2020

Wanna hear the new song from Tree House Fire? At the time of recording … only the band and Offbeat Reggae Radio have heard it! Andy also talks to the band in Offbeat Intros!

30 years of making reggae and working with the greats, this vegan Rastaman is the double play this week!

Episode 18

24th February 2020

Exciting news as we have the FIRST exclusive radio play of the new single by The Kubricks! I chat to Dave, the bass player of the band as he tells us all about the London based outfit in Offbeat Intros. Also supporting a fair amount of independent reggae and ska artists with brand new tunes from reggae and dub artists.

Episode 17

10th February 2020

Our interview backed out boooo ... BUT ... that means we can fit more tunes in ... wooooo! You can expect mashup music outta London, Chilean reggae & third wave ska from Germany! Lots of old style ska with some rare reggae vinyl tracks for you to wrap your ears around too.

Episode 16

27th January 2020

A week or so ago Andy caught up with Leonardo from "The Young Tree". They have been going for a few years now and their second album is out now! There's also an artist, dubbed the King of Reggae who would have been 75 on the 6th Feb 2020. We FINALLY induct him into the Offbeat featured artist wall of fame! About time too. Lots more to look forward to including a big well done to the winner of the Best Reggae Album Grammy!

Episode 15

13th January 2020

This show I have been lucky enough to speak to someone who has just been number 1 in the iTunes Reggae Album chart! He speaks about reggae legends, how they influenced him and the plans that “Hassle” have for 2020!

Also two tunes from the band “Jeramiah Ferrari” who have been supporting the likes of Madness, UB40 and more recently … The Wailers!

Episode 14 - 2019 Roundup!

30th December 2019

6 months, 14 shows, 36 featured artists and 30 suggested albums. No, I am not doing a countdown, no I am not telling you my favourite tracks of the year. Instead, I am going through the musicians that I discovered on the journey of finding YOU the finest Reggae, Rocksteady, Roots, Dub and Ska. Join me as we go through the best of the best - featured artists of 2019.

Episode 13

16th December 2019

UB40 are huge right? Matt Hoy has been a vocalist in the band for over 10 years and is now also making some solo stuff. He's the first person to be on "Offbeat Intros" as we look at artists and chat about their new releases! In the show I also look towards an Australian multi-instrumental loop pedal queen (!) PLUS I head to France for the featured double play.

Episode 12

2nd December 2019

Episode 12 is chocked FULL of what I have been collecting over the past couple of months. By now the show has been going for a while and I have exhausted the tunes that I personally wanted to show you. Now we are truly onto what I have discovered! Double play is from one of my favourite TV shows and the featured song is from Bob's wife!

Episode 11

18th November 2019

I couldn't make up my mind ... so why not have it ALL? Three songs from one amazing band to look forward to PLUS an american idol competitor who is WAY better without Simon Cowell. Find out more by listening to the new show.

Episode 10

4th November 2019

I thought I would struggle to find music by now. I thought I would have to replay songs that I had already played. Reggae and the other spin off genres are so abundant that I have the next three shows planned. This one marks a special milestone as I get 10 shows under my belt, more ways to support the show and continue to introduce more and more artists that you may not have heard of.

Episode 9

21st October 2019

You are lucky you got this on time! I have been laid up with man flu for ages! Still .. I am always on the look out for tunes and have found some amazing hybrid reggae/soul/electronica from Canada and some cracking Irish soul/funk/Reggae. Even a request from AND for a South African artist with a mammoth track!

Episode 8

7th October 2019

This week is a welcome assault to the senses from a reggae cover of Led Zepplin to shouty Spanish influenced offbeat goodness. I’ve been talking to reggae and ska talents from Jamaica to the Netherlands AND you can hear it all in this weeks’ episode.

Episode 7

23rd September 2019

Showcasing the talent that labels have sent through, this week Offbeat Reggae Radio introduces lots of new tunes. The double play surprised the heck out of me as the album is SO GOOD! This show is really a treat of new upcoming talent with some classics thrown in to keep your head nodding to the tunes! Oh! ... and some Argentinian Dub for those of you that love echo!

Episode 6

9th September 2019

This time around we look at a Birmingham band that have been providing music for us for the past 40 years!?!? They have a new album out too! Also there's a bit more 90s ska punk than usual for you to enjoy PLUS I've found a super collaboration that you need to hear!

Episode 5

25th August 2019

Recorded in the run up to House of Common Festival, this show features music from the bands playing! I squeeze in your requests AND ... have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you mixed Metallica and Reggae? I'm not winding you up ... it's a thing ... it's also in this show!

Episode 4

12th August 2019

This time round we find a Hungarian Rasta called G Ras to tell us "how it is". It's an exciting time for album releases ... in the UK let alone in the Billboard album chart with 2 BRAND NEW entries. Listen now!

Episode 3

29th July 2019

Which 80's legend has been recording reggae tunes? Honestly it surprised and amazed me. In this weeks show I we also look at tracks ranging from the 60's to present day and everywhere in between! Look forward to the likes of Val Bennett, Easy Star All-Stars, Mad Caddies and Blue King Brown! That's only the first 15 mins!

Episode 2

15th July 2019

A delve into a very talented local reggae artist - Ed Rome.We play some of your requests and of course the reggae album chart!

Episode 1

1st July 2019

The first ever episode of Offbeat Reggae Radio! A 2 hour special 🙂

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