Syndicated Radio Show

As you may well know, Offbeat Reggae Radio started on Mixcloud.

After 10 shows, Andy decided it was time to see if anyone else wanted to use the show, to add it to their schedule and not only give the show a boost in listeners but also to have it (hopefully) enhance their station output too.

Below are the stations, in the order that they were added to the roster of fantastic broadcasters, that feature Offbeat Reggae Radio on their service.

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Offbeat Reggae Radio on Patreon

First and foremost the show is available to Patrons on Patreon. They get early access to the show, on the Monday instead of the Friday.

Along with early access they are also able to get a multitude of perks depending on the tier that is chosen. From Patron exclusive T Shirts to printed items and shows just for them. It’s a great way to support the show while getting more content!

Wanna find out how to be a patron? Click here!

You can listen to the show whenever you want … if you are a Patron 🙂

Offbeat Reggae Radio on Mixcloud

The Friday after the show is released to Patrons … you’ll find it uploaded to Mixcloud at 10am.

This is where the show really gained an audience, the first portal that allowed the show to share to the world.

The first show went bonkers (I thought it did anyway) with over 100 listens and after a few shows we have hit a steady groove where the show is constantly gaining new followers and listeners.

Be a follower. Listen when it suits you. Click below …

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You can listen to the show whenever you want 🙂

Boot Boy Radio – UK

Boot Boy Radio is a worldwide collective of DJ/Presenters. As such, the station also receives listeners from nearly every country.

The station broadcasts 24 hours a day and follows the ‘Spirit Of ’69’ philosophy with genres such as Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady, Dub, Motown and even a bit of Punk thrown in.

After touching base with the bossman, Andy found that the show had another place to call home. We are pleased to have the show included in the lineup of Boot Boy Radio and consider ourselves in good and talented company.

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show Sunday from 9pm and Friday 4am GMT

Joint Radio (Reggae) – Israel

In 2001, a group of people who have met and talked about music on the forums at website. In 2011, they decided to set up Joint Radio Net. The only “problem” was that they love all types of music. With a preference for reggae, blues, rock and trance music in particular they created three radio stations, each dedicated to a different genre of music.

They tell us that one of the exciting things that happen during work on the radio is meeting friends from all over the world who love music.

Joint Radio love to hear reggae. They tell us – “Reggae is suitable for hearing anytime and in any mood. That’s why we love reggae. ONE LOVE.”

We are excited to have Joint Radio as part of the network of stations sharing the show. They are excited too! Are you excited? 🙂

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show daily between 12 noon and 1:30pm GMT

One Harmony Radio – UK

One Harmony Radio is a community Internet radio set up to help recording artists, presenters, producers and musicians from all walks of life. As an independent radio station they are there to help create discover and promote content. They cover new, unsigned and independent music, urban and youth culture, sport , comedy arts and craft as well as featuring content from local businesses, music venue, education centres and local community organisations.

Andy touched base with them to see if they may want the show and it was accepted with open arms. Really pleased to be on One Harmony Radio and to welcome them to the Offbeat Reggae Radio Family.

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on One Harmony Radio Channel 2 – Wednesdays 13:30 and Saturdays 11:30 GMT

Radio Queen Loviisa / RQL 106 FM / RQL Web Radio – Finland

RQL 106 FM is based in Loviisa, South Finland by the Baltic Sea. They play mostly based on soul, funky, caribbean music, reggae and classic rock broadcasting on FM and over the web.

It was created in July 2014 by Fabio Putrino who was infact the chap that responded to Andy’s email. Part of the main email send to see if anyone might be interested in the show, Fabio responded positively and wanted to start 2020 by including Offbeat Reggae Radio in it’s main schedule.

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on every other Friday – 8pm Eastern European Standard Time

CVS Radio 1- Los Angeles

Cvs Radio 1 is your onedrop reggae station streaming roots reggae, dancehall and ska music worldwide. An interactive radio mix with jingles and social events.

They present live broadcasts, talk, music and interviews. Their motto is to provide positive support for reggae music, the artists, producers and promoters on a solid platform.

We touched base over Twitter and the station manager of CVS Radio 1 was happy to take Offbeat Reggae Radio on board.

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Saturdays – 2pm Pacific Standard Time

Reggae Starz Radio – London

Reggae Starz Radio bringing you the best in reggae music 24/7

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Sundays – 10pm GMT

Radio Alchemy KONA – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii USA

Radio Alchemy is an internet radio station based in the Big Island of Hawaii and is associated with KONA 100.5 LPFM in Kailua-Kona.  They began as an internet station in July 2013.  Their first connection with FM was in March 2017.  We follow a very eclectic program schedule made up of 2 hours of 7 primary genres of music, World Music & Reggae, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Punk & New Wave, 90’s & Alternative, Modern & Electronic Dance Music, New Age & Etherial.

As 100.5 LPFM we are know as “The Voice of KONA”

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Tuesday 9 AM and Friday 9 AM (Hawaii Standard Time)

Australia Reggae Radio – Melbourne, Australia

Australia Reggae Radio (ARR) is an online radio station that brings music from the Reggae genre and its offshoots to its listeners. The station operates 24/7 and thoroughly mimics a traditional FM station. ARR has a regular rotation of different programs ranging from music to talk shows to live onsite broadcasts. Our presenters and produced shows are from various Reggae/Dancehall districts across the world. ARR’s main focus is to bring a wide variety of Reggae experiences to the diaspora of Australia, New Zealand and surrounding Islands

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Tuesday 6pm (Australia Eastern Standard Time)

Koffee Radio (WKRIS) – Orlando, Florida, USA

Koffee Radio uses some of the output from Australia Reggae Radio on a Thursday. Offbeat was chosen to be included in their shared programming so you can now fin it on here too!

Koffee Radio is one of the fastest growing internet stations around with listeners from various countries worldwide!

“Entertainment, Diversity and Charity are some of our specialty!” Said founder Keisha “Koffee” Freeman in a one and one interview recently.

Koffee Radio DJs understand this and focus on pleasing our listening audience by playing a variety of genres, which not only attracts but keep listeners happy. Our programming and content provide soothing entertainment which is appropriate for listeners of any age.

Click here for the live feed, it’s in the footer!

You can listen to the show on Thursday 9am (Eastern Standard Time)

Reggae Chalet Radio, Cary, North Carolina, USA

The world famous “Gee Man” brings you an off-shoot of B-Side Gourmet Radio (Chill, Reggae, Jazz) designed to provide a chalet of music dedicated to the other Reggae vibes. We feature the sounds not heard on standard radio.

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Fridays 8pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Gold Dust Radio, Reading, UK

GDR is part of the Gold Dust Entertainment Hub, and provides entertainment 24/7 playing a wide range of styles, including Soul, Funk, RnB, Reggae, House music, Hip-Hop, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Disco, plus more, both old and new. There is also chat, interviews, & discussions, broadcasting out of the heart of Reading, across the world.

Our primary aims are to allow people to use our platform, and promote new music, artists, DJs and all things from the arts, to build “the foundations for a funky generation”.

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Tuesdays 5:30pm GMT

South Devon Sound, Devon, UK

South Devon Sound is an online community radio station providing information on local events in South Hams and South Devon alongside great shows and music from their presenters.

On South Devon Sound you’ll find a show to match virtually all of your moods- they play the best music from yesterday and today- all day, every day. Here’s a first … they approached Offbeat to see if we would lend them the show!

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Thursdays at 9pm and Mondays at 3pm GMT

Reggae Nord Radio, Finland

Reggae Nord Radio is a radio station to share reggae music and culture from the nordic countries to the world.

When reggae radio has such a small share of the available online radio content they believe that a reggae radio station is necessary.

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Saturdays at 8pm (Eastern European Standard Time)

Bexar Fut Radio – San Antonio, Texas – USA

Bexar Fut Radio (Pronounced Bear Foot Radio) are a roots/rock/reggae station that dips it’s toes in 90’s alternative from time to time. We want
to be that station that offers everyone an escape from the anxieties of the day.

Just a place that promotes Good Vibes, and Good Tunes, by Good people.

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show on Saturday nights from 9- 10:30pm, Central Time Zone

Upper North Shore iP Radio – Sydney, Australia

The Newest IP Radio for the North Shore of Sydney – We have only just begun and will be featuring Australian Music from the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s and now plus good retro – Ska, Punk, Electronic, Dance, Rock & Pop. All This plus plenty of good talk back on many subjects will be coming. Join us as we slowly build our shows and style.

Click here for the live feed

Awaiting show times

247 Music Mix Radio, Blackpool UK

247 Music Mix is a not for profit radio station broadcasting from the United Kingdom to the world via the internet. Featuring your favourite DJ’s who play an eclectic mix predominantly of 80’s 90’s and 00’s hits but with special shows covering other decades and genres.

We really hope you enjoy tuning in!

Click here for the live feed

You can listen to the show at 11pm GMT Sunday Evening

Grenada Entertainment Radio, Grenada

Stay Entertained, Stay Educated, Stay Online direct from the Caribbean – For The Very Best In Local & International Talk Shows, Music, Education & Entertainment – The shows are a mix of podcasts, live shows and DJ mixes

Click here for the live feed

Saturdays 10 PM to 12 PM EST