Offbeat Intros / Interviews

Offbeat Intros is a feature of the show where we introduce a new OR old artist to a hopefully willing and interested audience!

Split into three sections we look into the artists past, there influences and what they have to promote whether it be a single, album, tour or anything else!

Papa Michigan

Andy was really pleased to get Papa Michigan on Zoom for a chat about his career. Having been on the reggae scene for 43 years there was a lot to catch up on!

Papa Michigan talked of his time to date plus influences to his music including his good fried Brigadier Jerry!

We speak about casting votes for his song "Jamaica Dance" in the Jamaica Festival Song Contest 2020!

Munay Ki Dub

Andy talked to Rebecca from Argentinian Dub outfit - Munay Ki dub in Offbeat Intros.

Rebecca plays violin, melodica, keyboard, percussion and provides lead vocals for the band alongside Alejo Gonzalez (programming, keyboard, bass, fx, guitar, lead and backing vocals) and Roby Torcello (guitar).

We spoke about their history, clever online gigs they have been part of due to the lockdown / pandemic and plans for the future including their new EP or album coming soon!

King Hammond

When you arrange an interview, you have no idea how it will go. Sometimes the person is chatty, sometimes the ABSOLUTE opposite.

It was a welcome and pleasant surprise to find that Mr Nick Welsh AKA King Hammond not only took control of the conversation but also shared stories of his 40 year career and had outbursts of song occasionally too!

The Indecision

Andy caught up with Rikk (Vocals / Organ / Piano) and Tom (Saxophone) and talked about the 8 piece band and the difficulty in getting them all together for gigs. Even if the gigs are supporting some REALLY impressive artists.

It's a lovely chat with some great tunes. Listen to the full show for the songs but if it's the gab that you want ... click the youtube video 🙂

Lady Tia

Althea Brown, also known as Lady Tia was fed up of being stuck indoors during the initial wave of the Corona Virus. Still, Andy managed to perk her up just as much as her music did the same to him!

We speak about her transition from manager to on stage talent and her new EP - "My Time"

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

Ed Rome

A good friend of mine has a new EP to promote so I got him on to have a chat. You've heard from him before as a previous featured artist. Ed Rome talks about his new EP, "Feel No Pain".

Ed Rome is acclaimed writer, recording artist and producer. He has written and recorded many albums in many genres as well as material for other artists and done countless guest spots.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

Lopaka Rootz

Andy spoke to the chilled and friendly Lopaka Rootz in Episode 22 of Offbeat Reggae Radio.

Lopaka Rootz is a musical artist, singer, song writer, and lyricist. He hails from Kailua Kona, on the big Island of Hawaii. Born on January 12,1985 in Erie, Pennsylvania and growing up with a mixed plate of ethnicity and cultures.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

White Tiger Society

Andy catches up with Dajla from White Tiger Society in Offbeat Intros. She talks about the collectives musical past and her recent dealings with Steven Marley and The Wailers.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.


Andy spoke to Dunia and Aram from Dubistry a while back. Included in Episode 20 of Offbeat Reggae radio.

Dubistry pushes barriers. Comprised of veterans of the New York City ska and reggae scene, the Boston funk scene and East Coast soul, Dubistry draws on reggae, punk and jazz, combining club music and art music, island sounds and city streets, into brash, warm songs that could fuel a dance party or a revolution. The combinations feel organic and fresh, yet never too far from their musical roots.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

Tree House Fire

Tree House Fire are a 5 piece reggae, ska, rock (and other genres) band. Andy caught up with three of them to talk about the band, the music they like and the future.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

The Kubricks

We spoke about the ska band starting out WITHOUT a brass section - whaaaat? ... also their plans for 2020 PLUS ... we got to play the first EXCLUSIVE radio play of their new single "Criminals".

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

The Young Tree

The Young Tree hail from Italy. Andy was put in touch with them through their marketing guys - Run It Agency.

Leonardo, the bands guitarist was kind enough to have a few words as we discovered the bands music. We spoke about the new album "Borderline" PLUS talked about their influences ... in particular one that turned into a good friend!

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.


Steve initially answered an advert asking for a reggae singer (he thinks he did anyway). That morphed over the years into the reggae / dub outfit known as "Hassle"

They have recently jumped into the limelight due to luck/skill/fluke ... all of the above? With a remix of a King Tubby Track and packaged with one of their own dub tracks ... their EP shot to number one in the iTunes Reggae Chart.

We talk about where the band came from, influences and plans for 2020.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

Matt Hoy

Matt has been a vocalist working with Ali Campbell and Astro for the past 10 years. Stepping in after another interview cancelled. We speak about his friendship with Ali Campbell and experiences with the late John Holt!

More importantly Matt has a solo release and he shared his new single and album with the show.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

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