Offbeat Intros (Interviews)

Offbeat Intros is a feature of the show where we introduce a new OR old artist to a hopefully willing and interested audience!

Split into three sections we look into the artists past, there influences and what they have to promote whether it be a single, album, tour or anything else!

The Young Tree

The Young Tree hail from Italy. Andy was put in touch with them through their marketing guys - Run It Agency.

Leonardo, the bands guitarist was kind enough to have a few words as we discovered the bands music. We spoke about the new album "Borderline" PLUS talked about their influences ... in particular one that turned into a good friend!

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.


Steve initially answered an advert asking for a reggae singer (he thinks he did anyway). That morphed over the years into the reggae / dub outfit known as "Hassle"

They have recently jumped into the limelight due to luck/skill/fluke ... all of the above? With a remix of a King Tubby Track and packaged with one of their own dub tracks ... their EP shot to number one in the iTunes Reggae Chart.

We talk about where the band came from, influences and plans for 2020.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

Matt Hoy

Matt has been a vocalist working with Ali Campbell and Astro for the past 10 years. Stepping in after another interview cancelled. We speak about his friendship with Ali Campbell and experiences with the late John Holt!

More importantly Matt has a solo release and he shared his new single and album with the show.

Find out more ... the full interview is in the video.

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