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Scratchylus (Sene Jameh) was born in England to Jamaican parents and was enthralled by the classic sounds of Bob Marley and Dennis Brown as a youth. Firm in his vision, he cut teeth on such UK Sound Systems as Java, Nuclear, Powa and Diamonds before pursuing a recording career a decade ago.

In recent years, he has caught international attention with his unique singjay style that's a culmination of Eek A Mouse/Pinchers/Papa San and a likkle Dennis Brown; but it's totally original all the while. He has performed with Luciano, Bushman and many more. His performance at the 2013 Dennis Brown tribute concert showed he's fe real. Most recently, he did an album launch with legend Kiddus I (promoting "Topsy Turvy World") at Redbones Blues Café in St. Andrews JA, backed by drummer "Style" Scott and guitarist Dalton Browne and dazzled the massive. It's Scratchylus time!