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Santiago Rebelde

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Brief History

Santiago Rebelde formed at the end of 1989 when a group of friends influenced by Ska and punk-rock music got together to rehearse. The band stood out for having direct and strong lyrics that, for those times, were noteworthy and the happy / contagious rhythm gained a following fast.

From 1992 the vocalist of the band had to perform compulsory military service and the other members dedicated their time to their studies, thus leaving the history of the rebellious Santiago to rest for a few years.

On March 5, 1994, the group got together to play a wedding party, the former members realized their need and desire to resume the band. They decided to play again bringing Ska back into the Santiago scene which had been sorely lacking.

They gigged often in the coming years and were covered in the media, particularly in 1996 as Santiago Rebelde was a finalist in the Nescafe Concert.

Santiago Rebelde despite all their efforts and their long history have never received the support of any national label, these small defeats strengthened it and led to public support for their releases instead.