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Rebel Vibe

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Brief History

Rebel Vibe, an original, six-piece reggae band with a wide range of influences from roots and dancehall to lovers rock, is the culmination of many years of work, recently energised by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Inspired by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Rob, the band’s founder, chief songwriter and vocalist, has penned a new song, Crisis 19, achieving not only plenty of airplay but also the Top 20 most played list on R-n-C #Worldwide Radio this summer. The song’s infectious hook taps into the turmoil of the global health emergency.

Rob, who also plays guitar and saxophone, shares vocal duties with Steph, a talented singer whose subtle harmonies help create Rebel Vibe’s distinctive sound, while drummer and percussionist, Wag, provides the solid base for the band’s grooves.

Bass guitarist Nick adds the vital low-end ingredient and is a master of the art of locking in with the drums, generating complementary melodies on his fretless bass.

Sean, who plays keyboards and melodica, is a scholar of the ‘traditional’ reggae sound and has played in various line-ups with Wag and Nick over the years.

Mac is the lead guitarist and a veteran performer with bands who have played all over the UK.