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Ragga Yves

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Brief History

Ragga Yves is born in Belgium and started dj-ing or toasting in the reggae slang around 1984. Then he joined The Raggamuffin Soundsystem with Ras Bors aka Marco de Munster and Dennis World from Portmore Jamaica. With this Soundsystem they travelled and played all over Europe, Jamaica and also in Sheffield England where they worked with the Bob Marley recording studios.

He did some recordings with several veterans in Jamaica like “the Original Daddy Spear”, “Jah Grundy/the Original Principal aka Stephen Weise” – and artists like Singin Chris – Pzed – Major Knight – NYCR to mention a few.

He and Ras Bors used to have a few cult hits in Europe in collaboration with Jason Rawhead and Ganja kid.

Now he is working in Belgium with Arky Starch productions, Starch is creating/ mixing and recording new rhythms for Ragga Yves and he also remakes some older works in an original way starting from the lyric.

November 2020 they released a first single “Wash your hands” which got the attention of Jah Shakespear and he said: “the vocal of Ragga Yves, the U-roy from the Belgian Mc’s is still alive and kicking.

The single was followed by an EP and the Dynamic Duo plans to finish a full album in the fall of 2021. Jah Rebel said about the EP: “Top EP, proving Starch and Yves make a perfect tandem and that the latter’s voice hasn’t lost any of its glory.”