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Prince Buster

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Born on the 23rd May 1938 Cecil Bustamante Campbell was a Jamaican singer and producer, better known as Prince Buster.

He had a Christian upbringing and had his first introduction to music in the church. While at school he performed at the Glass Bucket Club a social club for teenagers at the time and on leaving school he was drawn to sound systems. An introduction to Clement Coxone Dodd had our featured artist providing security, handling tickets, and sourcing music in one of Kingstons most popular a sound systems.

The knowledge he gained proved invaluable as he set up his own sound system called Voice Of The People. Knowing he couldn’t afford to buy music he decided he would make his own with the first of his releases dropping in 1961 entitled Little Honey. The years that followed included the classics, Madness, Wash Wash, One Step Beyond, Sister Big Stuff and Al Capone.

He created a legacy of work that would be drawn upon later by reggae and ska artists around the world.