Pierre Nesta

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Hailing from Lyon, France ... Pierre Nesta was born on May 14, 1980.

At 23 he tried out for the TV show Star Academy and from that adventure he gained experience with more than 100 concerts around the world which in turn gave him a a taste for travel.

At 28, leaving on a sailboat he spent several months in Venezuela and then passes Jamaica where he learns about joyful, committed, and unifying music.

His debut album "VOYAGEUR" was recorded entirely in Kingston with the best Reggae musicians of the moment.

After 3 years of performing alone on stage, multi-instrumentalist composing with his looper and his acoustic guitar, he now tours with 4 talented musicians. Nathan Mercier on bass, Robi on drums, Stephane Viard on guitar and Mathias Claveau on keyboards.

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