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Niù Tennici

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Brief History

Formed in Verona in the mid-eighties, Niù Tennici achieved success in 1991 with the debut single Affitta una Ferrari, a song that made fun of the phenomenon of "Yuppismo" in the 80s / 90s and was published for the first time by the Milanese label Vox Pop. The single was then included in numerous compilations of that year including Italian posse, Italian underground, Italian summer, Reggae radio station and Fiky fiky to name a few.

In 1992 the first album, "Noi siamo sexy" was released, which also obtained some success on a national level. In 1994 the song "el mar dela Luna", thanks to a DJ from Radio Miraflores of Lima, reaches fame even in Peru, something completely strange for a song sung in the Veronese dialect.

After a nine-year suspension they reunite in 2005 to give life to another series of concerts and in 2012 they release the second album "Gira che te gira la testa" which will be followed in 2015 by the denouncing single "Slot Machine" followed again in 2019 by the new live studio album "Government Tennico".