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Lady Tia

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Brief History

Born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, the distinguished musical career of Althea Brown began at an early age of 10 while listening to the records that was played by her father who was a prominent musical connoisseur. Her childhood was influenced by different genres of music that was played in the home and it was during this time she realised her love and passion for music.

In 1984 the family migrated to Florida and that was when the musical journey continued. She would follow her brother Charlie whenever he played music at any family functions, parties, etc. It was not long after that she started spinning records on her own and became good at it.

In 1994, she was approached by Marcia J. Ball to become her manager and in the early part of 2003, she was involved in the launching of Marcia’s new single called “Drive Me Crazy,” arranged by Dr. Paul and produced by Rupert Graham (Silver Dove Records) and Althea Brown (Popsgirl Production).

In 2005, Althea found her true calling when she produced alongside S. (Musical Genius) Dyett Marcia’s second album “Choices and Changes”. Some of the songs featured on this album are written by her and these songs convey to people who have loved, and for those that have lost loved ones.

Althea has worked with some of the best singers in the reggae industry such as Hopeton Lindo, Sammy Dread, Frankie Paul, Fiona Robinson-Sterling, Marcia J. Ball, Empress Uneek, Kulcha Cally, King Banton, Endel I, Sista Time and many, many more.

Althea Brown also known as Lady Tia, strives to perform good music which will be enjoyed by a broad range of audiences all over the world.

Since the launching of her career in February 2018, Lady Tia has ended the year with a bang. She has made appearances on 7 events including the VP Live Showcase in Miramar, FL and the Space Coast Harley Davidson show in Palm Bay, FL.

To sum it all up, two of Lady Tia’s singles were featured on The Foundation Network (NY) Top 100 Songs for 2018 and “Words” held the #23 slot and “Come Back Home” held the #84 slot and she was also named as the #6 Top Female singer for 2018. Her singles were also featured on The South Florida Top 100 Songs of 2018 and “Words” held the #13 slot and “Come Back Home” held the #92 slot and she was also named as the #3 Top Female singer for 2018, #7 in the Top Ten Artist category.

The incredible and distinct voice of Lady Tia has come a long way over the years, and she pays her homage to passionately singing at countless karaoke events and all the other female artistes that have paved the way for her.

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