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Brief History

Håle’ was formed in 2019 by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Peter Cruz. Born and raised in Guam, Peter relocated to San Diego, California in 2010 where he currently resides today. Originally a classic rock/metal music guitarist, Peter began to experiment with reggae music in high school. As reggae music is very much a part of the island culture in Guam, it was a natural transition.

Upon moving to the mainland United States, Peter joined reggae group “Tribal Theory” and was subsequently their lead guitarist and background vocalist for 7.5 years, departing the band in January of 2019. During his time with Tribal Theory, Peter has toured the contiguous United States, Guam and Hawaii sharing the stage with many well-known acts such as Katchafire, The Expendables, J boog, Alborosie, Young the Giant, and many more. Aside from Tribal Theory, Peter has also played guitar and bass respectively for Artists such Sammy Johnson, Fiji, Baba B, Spawnbreezie, For Peace Band, Albert Posis, and Surrender The Thief.

In June of 2019, Peter sought out long time friend and world renowned producer Jesse Barrera. Together they wrote and recorded Håle's first single “Feel That” which brings a fresh and funky feel to the scene, yet stays true to the fundamentals of reggae music.

Since then, Håle’ has released multiple singles such as “My Island Love”, “Isla”, and “Just Cool” featuring Josh Heinrichs. Håle’ is slated to release his senior EP in the summer of 2022.

You can find Håle’ and all his musical works on Youtube, Spotify, and all major streaming outlets.