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Giallo Man

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Brief History

In the sound of Giallo Man, Venetian singer, musician and producer, reggae blends with gospel, soul, and the natural musicality of the Italian tradition.

He begins an intense live activity with the bands "Tribù", "Kito Roots", "Rasta e Basta", followed by collaborations with leading authors of the Italian scene such as Ghemon, Esa, Mistaman, Pitura Freska.

In 2005 he won the “Rototom Sunsplash” competition and opened the show of Beenie Man, Horace Andy, Israel Vibration, Twinkle Brothers, releasing the cd “Nuovo Giorno”.

In 2010 he moved to New Orleans (USA) to research the origins of blues, gospel and jazz, where he learns to "give back the joy I have received, my job is to pass it on to people".

This is the spirit that the lagoon artist brings with his music, on European tours: Dour Festival (Dour, Belgium), Dub Echo (Lyon, France), Reggae Bus (Brussels, Belgium), Sunny Red (Munich, Germany) , Dub Academy (Benicassim, Spain), LB27 Reggae Camp (Budapest, Hungary), Christiania Dub Club (Copenhagen, Denmark), Dub der guten Hoffnung (Graz, Austria), Dub Arena (Wroclaw, Poland), Zulu Klub (Valencia, Spain), Zion Station Festival (Ferrara, Italy), Green Light Sound (Barcelona, Spain), Budapest Dub Club (Budapest, Hungary), Barcolana Festival (Trieste, Italy), Piazza S.Marco (Carnival of Venice, Italy).

He arranges, records, publishes the albums "Crossroad" (2010), "Aqua Alta" (2010), Man (2013), "Try Again" (2015), making several videos with the "Puppa Giallo" project.

In 2016 he flies to Jamaica to record with the Firehouse Crew, a band born under the leadership of King Tubby. During the sessions with the musicians at the Kingston Anchor Studio the album "Firehouse Sessions" was born. Here he collaborates with several professionals including Ras-I Musique in the song "Sweet Aroma", he sings with Likkle Briggie, son of Brigadier Jerry, in " Jah Riddim ”and with G Ras in“ Warriah ”, all occasions immortalized in the homonymous video clips shot on the Caribbean island. The artistic partnership with G Ras will bring Giallo Man to Budapest (HU) on numerous occasions, guest of Dubapest Hi-Fi and Tuff Steppas.

He records the vinyl "Heartical SoulJah" with Moa Anbessa, and is invited to the Dub Academy of the Rototom Sunsplash festival (Benicassim, Spain) in 2017.

In 2020 the video of the single “Jah riddim” shows Giallo Man in the studio with Paolo Baldini DubFiles. In the same period, "Simpe" was released, describing the impact of a global pandemic.

In 2021 he collaborates again with G Ras and publishes "Signs": in the video clip the two artists are committed to creating a large mural with the help of children from an elementary school in Jamaica, under the artistic direction of Livity Warrior, a Hungarian artist and graphic designer .

Bonfyah is the title of the album released in 2022 with Redgoldgreen label, recorded in Italy with the musicians accompanying Giallo Man in live concerts and mastered in Hungary.