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Dub inc. has become without question, the most emblematic group of reggae made in France. It is primarily through the stage that its musicians and singers have become the spearhead of the French scene for the last ten years, bringing an undeniable wind of freshness.

Their recipe, mixing a sense of inimitable melody and a human ethic carried by sincere texts, allowed them to export their reggae beyond the borders (Portugal, Germany, Algeria, Senegal, Canada or Colombia ...) and of to cross swords with international artists (Tiken Jah Fakoly, David Hinds, Tarrus Riley ...).

Navigating between reggae, dancehall, Kabyle music or world music, the band is carried by the voices of Bouchkour and Komlan, and their styles as different as complementary. Whether singing in French, English or Kabyle, the universal message passes: the importance of mixing, mixing styles. And their energy in live does the rest!

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