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Dakka Skanks

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Brief History

Dakka Skanks are a band seriously committed to bringing hard reggae, ska, dub and punk rhythms together in a fresh style. The band have a passion and organic togetherness crafted through years of writing and performing with each other. Clara Byrne's mesmerizing lead vocal cuts through like a wave of emotion, her lyrical integrity straight from the soul, with serious social and political issues explored through dramatic delivery. From hard steppers to traditional ska, furious punk and sprinklings of Motown, Dakka Skanks come with the style and always bring the dance.

Formed in 2016, this band have come on leagues in a very short time. Involved in The Camden Roundhouse Emerging Artists programme, Spider Johnson (Potato 5, Lee Perry, Acid Jazz, KIOKO) has produced the first albums worth of tracks, really pulling the loose ends together, giving a professional edge of experience. Spider creates, performs and produces music of all genres and his wealth of experience filters through into the sound of the band, establishing the unique energy that Dakka Skanks bring.