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Babyhead are an eight-piece band who formed during the 2000s out of a love for Jamaican music. Their current lineup includes: JG and Milkman on guitar, Krishna on bass, Little Tom on vocals, Joss, Mossy and Misterlong in the brass section and Lupo on drums. They developed their sound drawing on a variety of genres such as ska, punk-rock and hip-hop, sometimes described as ‘skip hop’. During their time together, they have recorded three studio albums: ‘Babyboomtown’, ‘The Geek Show’, and the 2010, ‘Heavy Weather’.

Babyhead perform in clubs and on the festival circuit including Glastonbury, New York Fashion Week and SmileyFest in Thailand. They are known for their fun and high-energy performances and audience participation. Fans of the group are attracted by their charisma, bright suits, bold vocals and powerful saxophone, trombone and trumpet sounds.