Arky Starch

Brief History

Born and raised in Belgium (Turnhout), Arky Starch is an accomplished bass guitarist who also plays guitar and keyboard. He specializes in DUB and REGGAE music.

His artistic journey began at a young age, with his older brother Lowie buying him his first bass guitar in 1994. Membership of various bands followed. During these years, he honed his skills as a bass player and a musician. Along the way, he also collaborated with Heartwash and Yosa (Dub Tales) to name a few. These experiences helped him expand his musical knowledge above and beyond the realms of just bass guitar and composition, harmonization, and the rudimentary components of Roots and Dub. In 2004 Starch began to branch out as an artist, focusing on understanding the use of software, MIDI, and technology to create complex, intricate music.

Since June 2020, he has worked with Jesse King, aka DUBMATIX, to master all his songs and to assist in building a solid sound for his musical production.

Arky Starch’s discography includes two EPs, ‘Dub Faith’ and ‘Give it a Walk’ featuring Ragga Yves, a debut album, ‘Soul Sensi,’ on the Dubophonic label and 6 singles with Micky B. + 3 single with Ragga Yves.