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Ana Vee

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With roots in Hawaii, and wings that are poised to share her musical talents with the world, Ana Vee, represents a new sound and style emerging from female artists in the islands. She just released her self-titled EP “ANA VEE” that showcases her versatility and depth as an artist and songwriter. She was given the opportunity to perform and duet her very own song "HAWAII" on stage with the Iconic JANET JACKSON on her 30th anniversary rhythm nation tour at the sold out Neil Blaisdell Arena. Her hit song/island anthem “HAWAII” topped the radio charts, being the #1 shazamed song for all of Honolulu, winning song of the year for the Island Music Awards, and landing a film placement with CBS Magnum PI. She has also performed on an island tour with top local artist like Kolohe Kai, Fiji, The Manao Company

At her core, she is a songwriter who pens lyrics that underscore her self-empowered stance as a young women living life on her own terms.Her vocals are smooth and hypnotic, which allows her to fully express her musical influences across a variety of genres.

Ana Vee continues to build a catalog of work influenced by many talented island musicians but merges her childhood influences with her love for neo-soul, hip-hop, pop, reggae and classic ballads from the 90’s. Ana Vee was born the moment her grandfather gave her his guitar. The instrument sparked a desire to play, as well as write and sing. With a visionary mother who is also a singer with a several albums to her credit, Ana Vee has been raised to be a positive, strong female force, and she brings that into every aspect of her career.