Radio Show playing the finest Reggae, Rocksteady, Roots, Dub and Ska

Reggae Radio Shows are now archived. Not for re-broadcast. Purely for your enjoyment.

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Offbeat Reggae Radio Show

The Offbeat Reggae Radio Show was a magazine style program. Up to date news, information, releases and interviews made it a moment in time of the Reggae and Ska Industry.

It ran from 2019 to 2023 and played the FINEST Reggae, Rocksteady, Roots, Dub and Ska music with pride.

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About The Reggae Radio Show

The Offbeat Reggae Radio show (2019-2023) is now archived and there are no plans to produce any more.

It was broadcast to over 50 radio stations around the world. A mixture of internet, DAB and FM brought in an estimated 20,000 listeners according the station’s calculations.

102 Shows were curated and presented in total and the aim was clear from the start, play music the presenter liked and make sure it included the artists. Give them a voice! It did just that with artist news and information including regular interviews.

After three and a half years it was clear that the show wasn’t going to provide the second income needed and the decision to stop was made. Adulting is boring but the bills are plenty and often.

About Your Host

The Offbeat Reggae Radio show was a passion project from ex radio presenter, Andy Luckman.

Andy’s previous radio experience was working in professional commercial radio from 2001 – 2006 with his roles including Station Manager, Station Producer, Breakfast Host and Swing Presenter depending on the place you pick.

In that time he worked for 16 different radio stations … no … he didn’t get fired a lot! Often, he would be working a daily weekday show on one station, then Saturday and Sunday shows on different stations. This is what had to be done to pay the bills!

It wasn’t a pleasurable experience, though, and he decided a different direction was necessary. He decided to do something else, somewhere else. So, he travelled around the world and settled for long periods in Brisbane, Bali and Thailand for the following few years. This is where life got interesting from a musical point of view.

While living on beaches he found an affinity with Reggae music; quite fitting for sun, sea and sand. During the day he was an underwater tour guide (divemaster) and at night a DJ in various bars.

This new appreciation for Reggae along with the need to find a hobby after returning to the UK, a radio show was the only thing that made sense.

What else do you do when you miss talking to yourself in a cupboard!?

It was fun while it lasted but now the show is a fond moment in time 🙂